Curved Platform Stairlift

Curved Platform Stairlift by Hiro Lift
Curved Platform Stairlift by Ceteco srl
Curved Platform Stairlift by TKS Heis
Curved Platform Lift by Garaventa
Curved Platform Stairlift by Garaventa Liftech AB
Curved Platform Lift from BC Lift AS
Curved Platform Stairlift by Etna-Fapel

Curved platform stairlifts are designed to move people with impaired mobility simply, smoothly and easily between two or more floors in premises where a vertical lift is impractical and where the stairs do not rise in a straight line.

Depending upon the design of the stairlift, both acute angles and curves may be accommodated and can be fitted either side of the existing stairwell.

In public buildings curved platform stairlifts will generally be designed to accommodate a wheelchair and follow the line of an existing staircase. In certain circumstances, and subject to local legislation, the lift may take the form of a powered chair.

This type of stairlift is particularly useful where existing passenger lifts are situated up a short flight of stairs, or for entry to a building where the reception area is up a number of steps.

Safety devices around the platform ensure safe and secure travel. The platform generally folds away for convenience and some models can be parked around a corner to save space.

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