How to join


Membership of EPSA is open to all manufacturers and distributors of platform lifts and stair lifts in the European Community, plus, from 2011, all component supplier and installation companies. All you need do is complete a simple application form and submit it to the EPSA Secretary General. Application forms are available in 5 languages and can be downloaded from this website or requested by an e-mail message to the Secretary General.

Your application will be considered by the EPSA Board and, if successful, you will be asked to send us a copy of the Declaration of Conformity to the Machinery Directive, and Type Examination Certificate when appropriate, for all of your product range. Once received, we will issue an invoice for the subscription fee and, upon payment, you will become an EPSA member.


EPSA brings together manufacturers and distributors of platform lifts and stair lifts, plus component supplier and installation companies, from many countries throughout Europe, and seeks to extend the membership to all EU member states. This leads to many benefits for both individual companies and for the industry as a whole. These include:

  • Working with other manufacturers and distributors to safeguard your interests in all technical, legislative and economic matters.
  • Having a means to voice your views and get them heard by the European Commission, European Parliament and other key players that affect your business.
  • An opportunity to exchange ideas with industry colleagues regarding accessibility requirements, design issues and many other common issues.
  • Information about the different building regulations and requirements in many countries.
  • The chance to join other members in the CEN working group that drafts the technical standards, and amendments, for stairlifts and platform lifts, EN81-40 and EN81-41 and, since 2015, the new proposed EN81-42.
  • Direct access to information about current and proposed EC Directives, giving advanced warning of decisions that will impact your business.

Registration Form

The registration form is also available in the following languages:

Please return completed forms to Gill Sitrk, EPSA, Unit 19, Omega Business Village, Thurston Road, Northallerton, DL6 2NJ, U.K. Fax: (+ 44) (0) 20 8253 4510 Email: .