Manufacturers & Distributors

EPSA provides manufacturers and distributors with the mechanism for joint input to the European standardisation process and allows discussion towards reaching the objective of a united position with the national and European authorities.

EPSA participates in several EU working groups and committees to achieve harmonised industry standards and provide expert input to European authorities on technical and other product related issues.

EPSA aims to:

  • Ensure that all accessibility products manufactured and sold by EPSA members comply with the Machinery Directive and all other relevant European legislation and standards.

  • Promote the European platform and stairlift industry and its products.

  • Safeguard the interests of our members and to actively promote their business.

  • Provide a forum for manufacturers and distributors to discuss all issues regarding European legislation and the standardisation process.

  • Work with the national authorities in different member states to explain the safety, technical and legislative aspects of lifting platforms and stairlifts.

  • Encourage innovation and provide safe access solutions of a high quality for people with impaired mobility, architects and planners.

  • Provide products in Europe that meet different requirements of accessibility, design and use by achieving the highest level of safety at affordable prices.